Mosan-Okunola LCDA Rehabilitates Road In Okunola

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In a bid to keep giving dividends of democracy to the good people of her council, the Executive Chairman of Mosan-Okunola LCDA, Hon. Princess Olabisi Adebajo has embarked on a major rehabilitation, if not total reconstruction, of a very dilapidated road in Okunola. As you read this, the road from Adenle Junction to Aregbesola Hospital Junction via Mufutau Street in Okunola is wearing a new look just like the new year. And would be completed fully in few days.

Contracted to very competent engineers from Jay & Jay Unique Merchant Limited, the road being reconstructed would add to the mutiple achievements of the Executive Chairman that were recorded in the year that has just gone by, 2018, and would open up that axis of the LCDA to motorists and would also serve as an alternative access road to whoever has things to do within and beyond the environ.

According to Hon. Princess Adebajo, “road is a major infrastructure that facilitates human capital development in any society such that if the man-hour wasted in movement from one point to another as a result of bad roads is reduced by rehabilitating or reconstructing our roads to not just motorable but also durable state, we would all have efficiency in our businesses. And that is why we are giving the state of our roads in Mosan-Okunola adequate attention.”

She added that she is aware that a number of residents within have also raised issues about the poor state of roads in their immediate environment and she promised that all the bad roads in the LCDA would be done one after the other by the grace of God as the resources of the council cannot take care of all at the same time. ” Let us exercise some patience as we are duly aware of the state of all the roads in the LCDA and we have mapped out plan of how to attend to the bad ones as we get the resources to do so,” she assured.