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Oshodi – Isolo Local Government through the office of the Legal Adviser of the Local Government and Lagos State Government, Ministry of Justice (Office of the public defender ) embarked on awareness campaign / Legal clinic to sensitize the public and people of Oshodi – Isolo community on the free legal services provided by Lagos State Government.

The event was held at the newly commissioned marriage registry which was well attended by the staff and management of the local government, Members of CDC & CDA, Members of market Women and Men Associations, National Union of Road Transport Workers( NURTW), Artisans, councillors and members of the community.

In His welcome address Hon. Daisi Oso ( Vice Chairman Oshodi-Isolo Local Government) represented Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh the Executive Chairman of the Local Government,
appreciated the Director Office of Public Defender and Lagos state Ministry of Justice for bringing this laudable awareness and service to
Oshodi – Isolo community

‘ On behalf of the Executive Chairman of Oshodi-Isolo Local Government, Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh, we appreciate this laudable programme facilitated by the Head of the Legal Department of Oshodi – Isolo Local Government Mr Hakeem Kareem as the awareness would enlighten our people on how they can always get free Legal services whenever their right is infringed by any individual or group’

‘ Oshodi – Isolo Local Government is presently working to domesticate Child Rights Protection through bye-law for easy prosecution of offenders, we are also glad to provide an office for the Public Defender so that our community can benefit from the numerous free legal services provided by Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Hon Daisi Oso concluded.

Mr Fatai Borrokinni who represented the Director of public defendant Lagos state ministry of justice explained various free legal services provided by the organisation and what it requires to engage office of public defender

” WeWeon’t charge any fee or need to have any link with anybody in our office, what is reqrequiredf you is to submit a petition to any of our offices close to you and our men would swing to action as soon as we receive them, we engage in cases of rape, any form of child abuse, domestic violence, inheritance issues, landlord/tenant misunderstanding etc, although we don’t engage in issue of land grabbers once you visited our office we would direct you to the right agent to assist you to seek redress at law court’

He, ho, however,arned parents to be more vigilant on their children as cases of rape and homosexual act is becoming rampant within our community and informs the gathering that office of the public defender jurisdiction covers only Lagos state’

‘ Never trust any uncle or sister with your chchildren, ways monitors your children and provide parental care and guidance, failure to do that now might lead to the consequence which might be too enormous for the family to bear”

Free Legal services were offered to the member of the public at the end of the programme.